Trailblazing IT — or a POV on the Business Technology Revolution in Europe

3 min readMay 4, 2020

How AI, Chabots, CRM, Self Service and other technologies are paving relationships between companies and customers. Trailblazing IT will uncover some of these topics.

Trailblazing IT: Les Chapitres

  1. AI / Chatbots
  2. CRM / Self Service / Omnichannel
  3. Digital Business
  4. Dreamforce / World Tour
  5. Video / AR
  6. Jugaad Innovation
  7. Volunteering

Thank you for being here. Oui merci beaucoup !

Trailblazing IT is a collection of some of the articles I’ve written since 2015. As a blogger and as a digital business consultant I’d like to share some of my experiences as I have grown in my career in the business IT landscape.

“Trailblazing IT” is naturally inspired by Trailblazer. Thank you Mr. Benioff.

I pivoted to the business IT industry in 2014 coming from a 2 year start up adventure flop and a successful 5 year career in the audio and video software training & selling landscapes.

Trailblazing IT celebrates a number of little things: 6 years in Paris/France trailblazing digital customer experiences across EMEA, 5 years blogging in and around business technology, 3 year anniversary at Salesforce, a new starting Product Management role and a relocation to San Francisco as soon as everything goes back to normal? Whatever that means.

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