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I’ve been going to SFWT Paris since 2015. First as a partner when I was a Product Manager for Odigo Contact Center Solution including: Voice, SMS, Video, Social, Chat, and Bot technologies fully integrated into Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Pega, Oracle and Zendesk. And recently, since 2017 as Solution Engineer and Product Evangelist for Salesforce Service Cloud.

This year was incredible: ~10 000 attendees. Amazing sessions, theaters, keynotes, and great networking with the amazing community and Ohana. I’m super pleased to have both participated and been involved in a number of endeavors myself too! 🤓

“Doctor Cloud” Session — Audionet Force : hearing aids fitting in the Dominican Republic (DR)

For 2 years now, with a team of colleagues and now good friends we’ve been organizing and delivering a humanitarian mission in the DR. Audionet Force: a joint effort between Audionet Hearing Aids Foundation and Salesforce, so the Dominican Republic may hear.

The Mission: granting the gift of hearing to some of those who cannot afford it. The Probono: deploy a Salesforce for Non Profit Success Pack to the foundation and help them enhance their patient journey. The Experience: kids arrive crying and leave dancing, adults get there sceptic and go home optimistic, seniors arrive tired and take off with energy! The Impact: ~2 000 Dominicans per year who otherwise could not afford it.

Why were we able to showcase our mission at SFWT? Because Salesforce is transforming the way Audionet manages its activity. We showcased how we were able to kickoff the project by building an App in 3 nights (in 2018) and have continued enhancing it with only 2 additional days (in 2019)! We call this “agile volunteering” and only at Salesforce one is able to suggest such projects and get them up and running. A great session at SFWT’19 and a beautiful experience for a second year in a row. 3rd year will be 2020.

📣 Interested in our 2020 mission? Please, feel free to come back to me !

Co-Creation Zone : Einstein Bots Design Thinking Session

I’ve been deeply involved in evangelizing Einstein Bots since its launch end of 2017. Why? Because I have been working with chatbots since 2014 and I am extremely passionate about conversational interfaces 🤖

I do believe that conversational interfaces will punch traditional UIs right the face and, I also believe that Salesforce has a key role to play here, given the nature of its Einstein Bots product who keeps on growing and holds an amazing road map.

I was humbled to be invited to host this session. I wanted it to be a bit different, like an open workshop, in which the audience will participate and be an active part of the content and experience.

This is how we organised this very co-creation session: 1) Einstein Bots : Where we’re coming from. 2) UX / UI Best Practices. 3) E.Bots Design Thinking Workshop. 4) Demos, Road Map and Next Steps. 5) Feedback, Pitch and Votes! I feel it was a success. The audience was excited and participated. We had really good ideas pitched and winners! 1H ended up being too short but originally I was told to do this in 20min which I suggested to extend x 3! Definitely a format that I will repeat in other occasions.

📣 That said: Are you interested in Salesforce’s Digital Engagement and Einstein Bots Products? Then stay tuned as we’ll be organizing a number of Campfires in EMEA including Spain in July, Paris in September and furthermore TBD! Feel free to message me if you’d like us to assess if we should get ya a spot for your business 🕶️

Service Breakout “En Plénière” — The Beauty of Digital Engagement & E.Bots

Here’s the complete novelty for me. I have delivered theater sessions in the past, at Dreamforce and other World Tours in Europe. But it is the first in which I hosted a breakout session and, cherry on top, in the keynote room. The room was half empty with only about ~2 000 attendees! 😬

I am honored to have delivered this session with Frederic Michelon, Les Isabelle Depoilly & Le Bot and, my partner in crime Manuel — aka Manu Strings — Rouzé. What did we do? Well, we showcased the futur and how digital insurers can leverage messaging channels, bots, and artificial intelligence to deliver exceptional Service, simple and fluid by the means of Salesforce Einstein Service & Digital Engagement Products.

Our story was simple: a musician, a broken 1967 Hawaiian Ukulele and a digital insurer up to the challenge. We showcased features both in production and on road map. Digital Engagement Channels: web, mobile, sms, whatsapp. Einstein Service: Case Classification, Article Recommendations, NBA. Lightning Scheduler and Core Services features such as : console, omni, macros, milestone, and i’ll pass.

It’s such a pleasure working with amazing products. Feeling pretty excited to be part of the Service Cloud Ohana.

🎬 Got a few additional minutes? Feel free to enjoy this session’s video right here (& below)

📣 And, if you’re interested in knowing more about our Einstein Service Road Map and/or are interested in joining a new feature pilot or simply want to see how all of these works. Let me know!

In a nutshell:

SFWT Paris 2019 was a great success. ~10.000 attendees, amazing sessions and our Service Cloud Team representing at many fronts: booths, co-creation sessions, breakouts and keynotes !

Stay tuned for a number of events in which you could participate if you’d like: Audionet Force 2020 Mission ; Digital Engagement & Einstein Bots EMEA Campfires ; Service Cloud & Einstein Service specific sessions.

For more info on some the topics I’d like to write about in a very un-regular basis of course 😹 please check out medium. And, lastly, please let me know what you think, i’d love your feedback.

Thank you 💙

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