Demystifying Messaging & Person Account on

Tips & Tricks for Admin Experience & Configuration

Service Cloud EE Trial Org instantiated a few days back to build this tutorial

What is Person Account?

Notice how Person Account in the Object Manager shows no fields, nor triggers, nor actions as you would expect on both a standard or custom object for ex.

Before Enabling Person Account

  1. Create a NEW Account Record Type: call it for example “Business Account”
  2. Goto Sharing Settings: make sure both internal and external accesses are set to ‘control by parent’ enabled for Contact.
  3. Goto Account Settings: tick ‘Allow customer support to enable person account’
  4. You’re ready to enable to Person Account in your org. More details here for setting up Person Accounts.

Request Person Account Enablement

B2C Use Cases on Salesforce

Messaging Objects

Messaging User (MEU)

Messaging Sessions (MS)

Create Custom look up field on Messaging Sessions

Use Standard Capabilities: Flows & Process Builder

Lightning Flow

Process Builder (PB)

Page Layouts: Messaging Session & Person Account

Person Account Page Layout



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